The Great Appointment
October 21-22


The Great Appointment Event is a celebration. A celebration of the birth of a movement that we are part of today, that is a people for these times. This event looks back at the disappointment of 1844 and how that has shaped this movement. These pioneers, driven by the courage of their convictions, prepared for the Second Coming, telling those they could. Most of them were under 25 years of age and were not afraid to be known as Adventists.

Our Purpose is to encourage the people of our church to take the baton and all be heroes and represent God in these times. The world is looking for a secure and certain future. If we look truly back at our past then we will not only see God’s leading but His ever loving care and devotion to those who follow him.

Friday, October 21: 7.30pm

Sabbath Singalong, live from Sunnyside

Sandra Entermann will lead us into Sabbath with some great songs. Join in and sing along!

Sabbath, October 22: 2pm–4pm

  • Exciting drama of our beginnings
  • Special guests
  • Live music
  • Work on Adventist History Pathfinder Honour
  • Launch our Heritage Heroes
  • An SPD-wide Kahoot on our heritage

Adventist History & Heritage Pathfinder Honour

Be part of the event and complete your Adventist History & Heritage Pathfinder honour as you go!

In this honour you will take a look at the Millerite Adventism, the formation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its worldwide mission. You will be able to research how the message came to be shared in their own local area, including stories of key people and/or the formation of churches and/or schools. The aim of the honour will show that everyone has a part to play in this amazing miracle story of what God is doing today.