Education is at the core of what we do at the Adventist Heritage Centre. Whilst much of our time goes into preserving history for researchers, we love to take any opportunity to promote Adventist Heritage and the history of our beautiful country and its neighbours in the Pacific. Check out some of our education opportunities below.

Sunnyside Tours

Much of our work at the Adventist Heritage Centre is found at Sunnyside, the historic home of Ellen G. White for the duration of her time in Australia. Sunnyside sees thousands of visitors a year pass through its halls, and many more asking questions about Ellen, her life, and times. If you would like to take a step back in the past, book a tour today!

School Excursions

When asked what our Heritage staff love doing most at work, a popular favourite is running school programs at Sunnyside historic house. Dressed in 1800s costumes, our staff and volunteers run full and half-day excursions designed to suit the NESA Stage 1 & 2 history syllabus, with a particular focus on what life was like in Australia during the late 1800s and the experiences of Sunnyside’s first owner, Ellen G. White. Click on our links to find out more.

Each activity was well prepared and hands on. Leaders interacted well with students who were engaged and excited by their activities. We enjoyed the fact that leaders lead each activity and we teachers were able to just spend time bonding with students”.

Hosting a range of unique artefacts which tell the story of Australia and her neighbours, the Adventist Heritage Centre is home to Australia’s most extensive collection of Pacific and Indigenous artefacts. Our Education Team travel to schools with a selection of these artefacts and engage in presentations and lessons designed to give students chances to learn, ask questions, and touch and feel items of history. These incursions are popular with primary and middle school students, but also meet aspects of the Stage 5 history syllabus.

To inquire further, contact our Heritage Education Officer, Zoe Cochrane.